Troy Mitchell Hypnosis Shows

A Vegas-style show with a twist as Troy unravels the mysteries of the mind


Mesmerizing, memorable and motivational is how many describe Troy Mitchell’s highly entertaining hypnosis shows. Audience and participants alike are treated to plenty of laughter along with the benefits and science of hypnosis making this far more enlightening than other standard hypnosis shows.

It all began back in high school when Troy took to hypnosis as part of a psychology course that taught him to align his thoughts with his emotions. It helped him raise his grades, overcome anger issues and shed the nightmares that plagued him for years. This led him to create a positive holding pattern that he continues to improve upon and share with everyone in attendance.

Troy’s passion and infectious personality shines through in an uplifting platform that both entertains and showcases the true benefits of hypnosis.

Currently available for grads, fundraisers and corporate events. Click here to watch an excerpt from a Troy Mitchell hypnosis show.