About Troy

Troy Mitchell is a personal, professional trainer and consultant who has spent more than 20 years developing the most effective techniques for improving the performance and development of people from all walks of life. A certified professional hypnotist and corporate trainer, Troy is also well known as a speaker, facilitator, life coach, mentor, visionary, entertainer and so much more.

From an early age, Troy developed a keen insight and interest in better understanding life and how we create our results. At the age of 17, Troy decided to dedicate his life to developing the most effective self-suggestion techniques for bringing about positive change. Troy has successfully deployed these techniques while working with professional athletes, top business professionals, cancer patients, at-risk youth, counsellors, nurses and many groups, corporations and organizations. Troy’s techniques have proven to help overcome stress, anxiety, addictions and phobias as well as improving focus, sleep and overall performance.

Troy uses interactive exercises, thought-provoking questions, guided imagery, and hypnosis and meditation to help each participant dig deeper into their subconscious in order to live more fully in their brilliance. He also helps teams and coworkers bond and communicate much more effectively. Change is guaranteed, as is positive individual growth and a valuable lift in any workplace atmosphere.


Troy is highly intuitive, compassionate and professional. Everytime I see him I am reminded of my potential, not because of anything he says but because of who he is. He strives to be his potential; he is always growing, reaching and becoming the best Troy he can be, just being in his presence calls me to a higher standard.

~ Cindy Bertrand – Health Care Worker at Interior Health

September 27, 2010, Cindy was with another company when working with Troy at Troy Mitchell - Hypnotist/Coach/Speaker

Troy has helped our family to overcome some personal issues after we participated in his counselling sessions in 2009. Our communication skills have improved within our family, and we have been able to prioritize and reach personal and business goals by following his advice. There are times when a person gets overwhelmed by life experiences both past and present.

~ Gail McLeod – Controller at Kamber Nitrogen Services Ltd.

September 29, 2010, Gail was Troy's client

We had engaged the services of Troy Mitchell as a magician for a Graduation class as entertainment. The grads really enjoyed his show and had a great time. He and his team were very professional, punctual and accommodated us on short notice. I would definitely recommend Troy Mitchell to colleagues and clients of mine.

~ Sadhna Patel – Businesswoman/Independent Distributor

March 17, 2011, Sadhna was Troy's client

Thank-you for giving us the energy to not only see within ourselves but to allow us to work as a team and as a family. The workshop was incredible for everyone. Thanks again for reuniting us with ourselves.

~ Marcel Aubin – Executive Director, Penticton Friendship Centre and Youth Program Manager, Ki-low-na Friendship Centre

I first met Troy while participating in a personal development workshop and over the course of a couple years have had a chance to build a long-lasting friendship. We both share a lot of the same values, so it was natural to spend more time together. I have worked with Troy on a number of occasions helping people break through barriers in their life and have always been...more

~ Dr. Alan Jenks – Teaching Diplomate at Applied Kinesiology Seminars

September 27, 2010, Dr. Alan worked directly with Troy at Troy Mitchell - Hypnotist/Coach/Speaker

I have worked with Troy a few times and have achieved goals with his help. I enjoy his newsletters, blog, web page etc. and always feel that he is talking directly to me and providing me with the information I need to become more successful and more myself.
Thanks Troy!

~ Alycia Rodgers – Learning and Development Advisor at Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union

September 27, 2010, Alycia was Troy's client

I worked with Troy one on one in 2007. Troy is a very professional and is fountain of knowledge. Troy came into my life at the perfect time. His knowledge and expertise helped me fast track who i was and where i was going and set me on the positive track to life of humbleness. Troy's energy and life's passion is contagious and i highly recommend him to anyone looking for...more

~ Brent Helland – Helping People, Professional Sales Consultant, Mentor, Dreamer and Husband

October 25, 2010, Brent was Troy's client

Since getting to know Troy, I have overcome many obstacles in my life. Troy has helped me too figure out ways of changing the things that I want, and looking at the challenges differently. Many thanks to you Troy.

~ Kari Wall – Esthetician at Spa Pure

October 23, 2010, Kari was Troy's client

Troy, the life coach or counselor< Troy has proved to be excellent in his field and I would highly recommend him to anyone.He has an amazing track record. He creates successful results in individuals and in groups. His abilities for creating drive and enthusiasm are second to none. I definitely can give him credit to my continued personal success and growth in my life...more

~ Lorraine Oaten – Executive and Construction Cleaning Services

March 13, 2012, Lorraine was Troy's client

I'd highly recommend Troy. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and makes you feel good. He helped me overcome some big obstacles in my business. He works well with people and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

~ Ginny Konechny – Okanagan Regional Director at BNI

September 27, 2010, Ginny was Troy's client